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The USVI Chess Association was formed in August 2021 as a means of uniting chess players young and old across the territory. Although St. Thomas has maintained amazing scholastic clubs for many years, these clubs have not been recognized by the official chess federation that represents the territory on the world stage.  On St. Croix, chess had essentially died out completely. Questionable policies of the current chess federation have motivated many former federation members to join forces and build back a vibrant community of chess players. So far we have over sixty members. We have created a constitution and bylaws that are completely democratic, in alignment with the statutes of both FIDE and the VIOC, and we are established as a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to continue to build the Virgin Islands chess community, support scholastic clubs and events, instruct both young and old, and build strong Olympic teams (both women's and men's) that genuinely represent the community. 

Our Mission
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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together into one organization all people, young and old, desiring to promote, to learn, and to play chess. We strive for inclusion, integrity, and fairness. We strive to give equal voice and equal opportunity to all members. We promote amicable and courteous relations among our own local chess players and with chess players worldwide. And lastly, we celebrate and honor the long history and fascination of this iconic board game.

Our Vision

To see chess grow and prosper in the U.S. Virgin Islands. To develop our collective playing strength to a level where we can compete proudly on the world stage.

Photo of Grapetree Bay, St. Croix, by Greg Ray Dunnett

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